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Pagan Plant offers a full Tree Clearance service covering single trees to large or small woodlands. This includes tree felling, grubbing, burning and stump removal. We also carry a professional tree surgery team to undertake all aspects of tree work. We have been dealing with trees on a professional basis for over 30 years.
Over the years we have carried out a wide range of tree work, which included working with hoists and cranes. Here is an example of a large tree being removed by crane in Tunbridge Wells.

In this next set of three photos you will see the controlled removal of a large dead oak tree. As we only had a limited area to work in it was safer to top it first before it was felled. A risk assessment is carried out on all of our jobs before any work is started.

Here are some examples of woodland clearance as you can see the undergrowth is being cleared making the sites clear and safer to work in. The trees can then be felled and the extraction of timber can take place. The tree stumps have been left high to make them easier for grubbing.

When constructing a new lake we quite often need to clear the site of all trees, shrubs and undergrowth. We dig around the larger trees where possible to extract the main root, this comes with years of experience and confidence in our work and skills, as you can see in this photo.

Land Clearance is a big part of our business to single trees to large woodlands, plantations, orchards and rhododendrons.

These photos show the grubbing and burning of an apple orchard in Goudhurst. The best of the wood was saved for logs and the branches and roots were burnt.

Rhododendrons have taken over a large part of our woodlands and make the management extremely difficult. We cleared such a woodland on Ashdown Forest for Till hill Forestry.

This next photo shows the grubbing and burning of Rhododendrons at Rowfant.