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This Ornamental Pond was constructed by using Gabions and Concrete which had been placed on top of a Pond Liner. This caused the Liner to Split and Leak.

We took out all of the Gabions and concrete and reconstructed the pond by using clay and covering with Top Soil to create a Wildlife Pond.

These before and after photos show the work we did to enhance the overall look of the pond.

Maintenance is important as it doesn’t take long before Nature takes over.
These before and after photos show what can be achieved!

Sometimes the surroundings are just right to put in a Pond or Lake.
Sometimes all you need to do is refurbish your old Pond or Lake.

Take a look at what we have achieved here.

This section of our website shows before and after images from construction projects we have undertaken. These beautiful pictures show the transformations you can achieve whilst adding value to your property. Diversification may be the answer you’ve been looking for and the benefits are rewarding.
These two photos show the before and after images of a brand new lake.

These two Photos show the before and after images of a Course Fishing Lake that we constructed at Pembury.

This lake was constructed in a woodland setting. Look at the transformation!.

These before and after pictures are of the refurbishment and extension of a large fishing lake in a beautiful farm estate setting. Which was part of a diversification scheme.

All Ponds and lakes are designed or altered to meet with your requirements, here are three small wildlife ponds that we have constructed at Broad water Warren near Tunbridge Wells for the RSPB to encourage flora and fauna to help attract a wide range of wildlife.

Pond 1

Pond 2

Pond 3

Look at this beautiful lake set in the Kent countryside near Edenbridge, the transformation of this Lake is exceptional and eye catching and enhances the landscape and surroundings.


This Service would typically include an initial Site Survey which would allow us to give you the advice and options to maximise the benefits of your pond or lake. Refurbishment could include the clearance of trees, shrubs, reeds or other debris. Also it is important to inspect dams , inlets, outlets and spillways.

This pond was a self build project and had become completely overgrown over the years. It originally had a large island in the middle which we removed.


These pictures show two small ponds being combined into one larger pond. This was achieved by removing the damming up between the two ponds and raising the outlet.

This small Pond was enlarged to create a bigger impact to the garden. The family now swim in it as they know it’s safe.


We do a lot of de silting work as a pond or lake holds no benefit in being full of silt. It’s possible your pond or lake will contain methane and the bigger the pond or lake the more chance there will be. This can cause the oxygen levels to crash during hot weather and could destroy the eco system in your pond. A silted up pond can be a danger to humans as well as to our wildlife and livestock.

This set of photos show de silting work in progress on three separate sites.

In this set of three photos you will see how much silt has built up over the years and how the pond has benefitted from being de-silted.


When putting in a new pond or lake or whether you are restoring an old one, it’s possible you may need to think about a liner. This can be achieved in different ways depending on the size and use of your pond or lake.
Here are some examples of what we have achieved over the years by using different types of liners.
This pond was created to compliment a new garden. As you can see during the construction we’ve added a safety shelf which also gives your plants a platform to grow on. We lined this pond with Blue Clay and then covered it with top soil to help the eco system get established.

If you want to create a clear water or Natural Swim Pond then we would suggest you use one of the following pond liners such as Butylite, Geotextile or PVC this will then help stop the clay from making the water murky. This can then be covered with a layer of Chalk.

Pagan Plant installed this million gallon reservoir for Coblands Nursery, by way of cut and fill and covered with a Butylite liner. The water is being used for irrigation purposes and then is recycled by pumping excess water back to the reservoir.

We installed this pond in a woodland setting using a pond liner to create a Wildlife habitat. Some trees where removed to stop the leaves from the overhanging canopy from falling into the pond.